This page is for webmasters/models who are interested in exchanging traffic with RubberDoll.Net.  Rather than using an autorank/toplist style friends page, I use a static links page and hand-rank the participating sites based not only on the amount of traffic, but more importantly by the type of traffic.  I monitor all of the referring sites and position them based on the number of hits they send as well as how closely they match my niches.

If you operate a website or toplist that is similar to mine, namely one that focuses on Latex/Rubber, Fetish, Goth, Alt-Porn, or some other niche that is related to what I do, then please use the form below to contact me and I will review your site for inclusion.

I will review your site and if it is one that I am interested in exchanging traffic with, I will add your site to my link page and notify you via email.


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(Please no images of actual sexual activity, penetration, s/m abuse, watersports, spread shots, etc. -- Tasteful nudity is OK)

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If you have any problems submitting your info or if you have any general questions, just drop me an email at

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